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Store Hours

Currently we do not accept Harry's Shoes gift cards online.

If you would like to use a Harry's Shoes gift card, please call us at 855-6-HARRYS or visit us in-store at 2299 Broadway @ 83rd Street NYC

Harry's Shoes for Kids

Please Take a Moment to Read This:

We at Harrys Shoes strongly believe that properly fitting footwear is especially important for your children’s foot health, gait development and growth. Our professional fitting staff has been expertly trained, and has years of experience in the science of measuring and fitting feet. We urge you to visit Harrys Shoes for Kids at 2315 Broadway in Manhattan, rather than buying with uncertainty online. We do, however, offer a limited presentation online from our vast selection of children’s footwear for you to browse through.

Thank you for your patience in reading this, and we look forward to serving you!

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